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In uncertain economic times, small business owners are faced with constant challenges trying to standout from an unsaturated market. Today, business marketing landscape is more dynamic than the previous years. Additionally, conventional marketing through audio/visual and print media advertising have grown almost obsolete, and replaced by online advertising in various forms.

Nonetheless, every marketing method has a part to play, provided there is a grasp of consistency on each avenue. The ability to attract a large number of likes, shares and views is mostly an online concept. Creating campaigns that are viral is far from being easy; however, the following principles of marketing can act as a guide to small business advertising online.

Make marketing part of your to do list

When running a small business, complacency is your biggest enemy. Marketing strategies are changing very first, and consumers are also changing their minds in response to the new trends in the market. Even when doing well, do not alter your marketing budget. Instead, expand your strategy and find new marketing methods to boost your success.

Keep evaluating your strategy

Your campaign starts by a 3-5 catchy branded slogan and assessing your marketing campaigns at every turn. Consumers are never stagnant so should you be. Research shows that clients make buying decisions after a positive experience. Therefore you must churn positive messages frequently. Build your brand inexpensively through essential marketing strategies to pass engaging messages to your audience.


Your entire advertising budget should not be spent on just on the channel. Instead, invest in organic search optimization, paid advertising and reputation management. Notably, consumers interact with brands on different media; hence, diversification ensures you reach out to customers on various media accounts.

When it comes to small business advertising online, business owners should think of integration of the following online advertising channels:

     Social media marketing

     Pay per click advertising

     Display advertising

Each channel offers different benefits, so let's focus on each in turn;

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising allows you to target audience in a much more granular level. For example, Facebook allows you to define your demographics regarding location, age, likes, and gender. It, therefore, increases the likelihood of reaching the intended audience. Also, you can create a lookalike audience and deploy re-targeting, this ensures your brand is available in every step of the consumers' social media journey. Although social media may increase engagement while driving traffic to your website, consumers are savvy about ads, and they could ignore them.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Mostly associated with search engines. With pay per click ads, you pay for how many times clients’ clicks on your advert. Besides, it's beneficial to small business owners as it allows you to set your budget for each click, as well you can keep track of it in real-time hence an exact value of the progress can be determined.

When setting this campaign for the first time, remember keywords are crucial, and many businesses are competing for the same keyword, be sure to select unique keywords to your organization. The primary goals of PPC are to have people click the ad hence define the exact goal you want to achieve with the process.

Display Advertising

If you are running a project or would want to show your products and services, then display advertising could be for you. It allows you to put graphics, animations, and images and videos to promote your product. Display marketing is ideal if you want to establish your brand in the minds of potential clients. When planning for display advertising take into consideration that people have ad blockers or ignore banners, however when your primary goal is lead generation, Pay per click is the best shot.

If you are just starting out, online advertising could prove useful. It provides instant reach, putting your brand in the form of the clients who you want to see it. Whatever the channel you want to use, as a small business, you need to have your brand out there to drive attention.

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