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Staying informed about the newest trends in social media technology is no easy task. It takes time, curiosity and understanding to keep track of the daily changes and then respond to them appropriately in a timely manner. The good news is there is a way to make it a little easier. We call it a social media and technology share-out strategy.

By creating a social media and technology share-out strategy in your workplace, you not only save yourself time, but also inspire collaboration. This form of efficiency ultimately makes the output stronger than any Google alert sitting in your inbox right now.

Here are four simple steps to help get you started:

1) A few heads are better than one

Chances are if you are someone who likes to challenge yourself and learn, you probably surround yourself with a few peers who do too. So find yourself a social squad to divvy up the work with and then share your findings with each other.

2) Strategy is king

Once you have your squad in place, you need a plan of action. Tailor a simple strategy to meet your team’s needs, size and bandwidth. This helps avoid situations like everyone impulsively forwarding the same Google alert come three o’clock all of which are missing a relevant, searchable subject line.

Whatever your social media strategy may look like, make sure three things are clear: everyone’s role, the expectations and your deadline. For example, we had each member of our team pick two social platforms to monitor on an ongoing basis. To really spice things up, we allowed one choice to be a technology used regularly and the other something they have never tapped into and know very little about. Once everyone knew their role, we asked the team to come prepared to a weekly share out session on Tuesday mornings to present their findings.

3) Create meaning from the madness

The smartest question you can ask when it comes to the latest and greatest in social media technology is what does is mean for me. You can be the first to discover breaking news about Facebook’s newest algorithm change, but if you and your clients are not on Facebook then is the article really worth anyone’s time? The answer is yes. In today’s world there are always implications whether it is a direct hit to your social media strategy today or a forecasted dip in the stock market months from now. The key here is to always discover that meaning and ensure the direct implications are noted and shared along with the news upfront.

4) Embrace change

Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” This statement still holds true, maybe even more so today. When dealing with the rapid change of the today’s technology-driven world, the most productive way to handle it is to embrace it. Even if it is for the sake of just learning something new, greet the newest technology trend today, tomorrow and the next day with a big ol' LIKE.

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