How is using public relations effective?

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Public relations is a powerful tool that can be used to reach your target audience in a wide array of ways. Whether it's through creating a captivating press release that captures the media's attention, or a strategic publicity stunt, public relations is a "free" service that pays for itself.

Contrary to traditional advertising, public relations serves as a more credible resource because the message is coming from a third party, rather than the direct source. When consumers see an article or coverage from a well-respected television station or print publication on your brand, it comes to life and is trusted. Think about it, would you trust a company promoting themselves to you, or a neutral source that is reporting a story on their own merit?

In addition to creating trust with the consumer, by using public relations you are also given the opportunity to get your message across several platforms for a fraction of the cost. Several ads for one company in different mediums can cost thousands of dollars, but when using public relations, you are given the opportunity to get the message out on many mediums on a more cost effective budget. The measurement of what an article in a respected publication costs vs what it would cost to advertise is priceless to you as a company for your brand's exposure.

Finally, using public relations allows you to get creative in the way you send your message. What's your tone? Is it fun and creative? Is it a serious? Is it a human-interest story? The possibilities are endless. Just because you have one company or one product doesn't mean you don't have multiple messages or stories to share with the public.

The beauty of this medium is that you can customize your message to target your audience in a way that you want to tell it. From there, you have the ability to share your story with the media and let them do the talking for you. Public relations is especially effective for companies with tight budgets and looking to advertise but at a fraction of the cost. If your company is looking to save money but not lose your effectiveness in the market place, consider this medium.

So how do you get started? First, find something about your brand, item or company that stands out. What makes you unique, what is going to make someone stop and want to write about or share your story? Do you have a feature that is unlike the rest of the competition or do you have a great story of a customer who had a positive experience with your brand? Concentrate on that, don't worry about picking out five different things to feature in one story or press release, pick one and knock it out of the park. The other four you can feature in four different PR stories or opportunities.

Don't dilute your message. Once you find your message, find a professional to get it out from there and pitch away to the media and watch the results come in. The possibilities from there are endless!

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