Why should you use coupons for business?

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Coupons have since proven themselves to be effective business tools for whatever type and size of business . In fact, the Bible of the advertising industry reported that 87% of all shoppers use coupons. An independent marketing research firm, A.C Nelson co, revealed that 95% of all shoppers like coups and 60% actively look for coupons.

An article in the wall street journal titled, “in a pinch, snip.” States that coupon uses raises, as the economy in any given area slides. We have already stepped up our use of coupons said 54% of shoppers surveyed. More are expected to do so.

Everyone likes a discount. That explains why savvy businesses use coupons to attract customers. Coupons help you establish relationship with customers and advertise your business.

Coupons for business can be used to stimulate customer interest in new or slow-selling products. Coupons can help revive old customers. You can win back your customers that have been lured away by your competitors easily by the use of a well planned coupon use. Having them come back even if it is to visit your site, because it may result to a store traffic which prompts impulse purchases.

One significant advantage of using coupon is that they are accountable and measurable. In fact, they are considered the most accountable and measurable form of promotion. All that is needed to be done is counting the numbers that are redeemed to know the effectiveness of the offer. A wise use of this customer feedback can help you in the future to create better offers that will improve your results.

Because consumers don’t mind to travel far just to redeem a coupon that is valuable to him or her Coupons can actually expand and increase your market area. It can entice customers that have been shopping in competitors shop to check you out. We know that consumers can break routine shopping just to take advantage of a good coupon. When customers come to your store, by the invitation of a coupon, know that the customer may end up buying items that may carry full profit margin. Coupons are simply good marketing tools.

Consider doing this to have an effective couponing: Offer discounts, offer bonuses, offer premiums, offer free information, use bold commanding and specific headlines, use photographs or line instructions, use your logo, use effectively white space, sell the benefits appeal to the interest of the customer, capture your customers names, mobile number, address, etc don’t stop after the sale.

As you offer coupons, ensure not to argue with your customers about the coupons. Let the customer be right if there is any misunderstanding about a coupon. Try to minimize negative customer feedback, negotiate compromises if need be. It will pay of later. The rule is customers are always right. As Michael Leboeuf put it, “it’s not the quality of service that you give but the quality of service that the customer perceives that causes him to buy and come back”. Truly, coupons have become major marketing tools today.

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