How is Living Life as a freelancer and Independent Contractor?

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With the struggle and pressure that comes with working in the corporate world, many of us are turning to entrepreneurship to earn a living. With all of the technology and resources available today, many people have learned to make a living without having to answer to a boss. The more success stories that we see on the news and social media gives more confidence to those building up the courage to turn their passion into a revenue stream. Whether it be full-time or part-time income, entrepreneurship can be rewarding to those that take this route.

One way to ease to the realm of entrepreneurship is to take freelance opportunities. For those new to the term, freelance describes an individual who provides services as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Freelancers are considered self employed. individuals. Different companies may hire freelancers for writing jobs, computer programming, designers,and musicians.

Living life as a freelancer, you will operate as a one person business in most cases. For instance, instead of having taxes taken out of your paycheck, in most cases freelancers have to keep up with their own finances, and thus file taxes with a 1099 tax form rather than w-2 from an employer. Most full time freelancers pay estimated taxes to reduce the amount of tax they owe during tax season. In addition you are responsible for marketing and finding work in your field so that you can remain employed. There are many companies considered client brokers that assist freelancers with finding short term jobs in freelancing. Companies such as Craigslist are great for finding freelance work opportunities. It is always important to remember that you are a business and the better you market yourself, the more your business will grow.

Freelance opportunities are becoming more in demand. Many individuals are looking for side jobs to help maintain and pay bills. Also, more and more people are becoming passion driven. Many have also been drawn to the fact that many freelance opportunities do not require a background check. Your professionalism and skill set will determine your success, rather than strict employee policy.

As mentioned before, many different organizations are here to help companies find freelancers, and help freelancers find work. With the use of technology, it is very easy to market your freelance skills to the public. Because you are not hired as a full time employee, always remember do your best to build long term client relationships. This is also important because companies tend to pay freelance workers a slight less than they would the average employee that they would have listed on the payroll. Living as a freelancer, branding yourself is key to big business.The better you brand yourself, the more demand you build for your services. This leads to you being able to increase the price of the services that you provide.

Living as a freelancer can be very rewarding as well as challenging. Rewarding because you have the opportunity to make money doing what you love or good at, and challenging as you enter the difficulties of entrepreneurship. Freelancers will have to learn a little about accounting and marketing in order to be successful. Also, make sure you look at your city or county laws to ensure you do not need a permit to peruse your freelance opportunities pertaining to your skill set.

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