What exactly is direct mail advertising?

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What exactly is direct mail advertising?

It is advertising whose results can be measured,unlike regular advertising which is published in a magazine, for example. Direct mail advertising is mailed to a recipient, and coded. Then when and if the recipient responds, the code credits the ad. For example, if I was trying to sell a book called The Secret, I would code the response device, say SA1234. That would distinguish the response it garnered from other responses coded differently. Eventually, when all the responses are in, you add the codes. If SA1234 has the most responses, you know that is the "winner," the winning ad. The winning ads become the new "controls," and get tested against new ads in the future. Direct mail advertising is a "testing" medium. That is, it is always testing to be sure it has the ads that pull the most response. If it didn't constantly test, it would become a static medium, with ads that no longer generate response. When used correctly, direct mail advertising is a vibrant, lively form of advertising. But it needs this constant testing to be sure it is working, winning, pulling in responses. Eventually another ad will outpull the control, although some ads have been the control for years and years. When that happens, you will have a new control. And so it goes, in this dynamic form of advertising, that is constantly changing. I love direct mail advertising, as opposed to magazine ads. Those have no known responses. They are kind of vanity ads, whose copywriters win awards sometimes based on nothing. If direct mail wins awards, you know it sells. Direct mail that sells means profits. Profits mean more jobs to go around and more life for the agency. My happiest days were when I had my own business, known as SA Direct, and Fortune 500 clients, who loved my work, which frequently won tests and became the new controls. (I am being told I need to write 170 more words, but I don't want to. I don't like being told that, when I am hot and sticking to my chair. I am in South Florida, don't forget, and it is 98 degrees today. I hope you can give me some assignments, or all this writing is for naught. I have a blog in which I explain various facets of direct mail writing, and I recommend you find it under my name, Sandy Aptecker, Direct Mail Advertising. For example, I show how to write a direct mail letter, a direct mail order card, a direct mail envelope. I also tell how to increased response by doing those jobs correctly. If you like I can forward my blog to you and you can learn everything I know about how to write the various components of a direct mail package. These include, as stated, the letter, the brochure the order card, the publishers's note, and a gift buck slip, if a gift is offered. Buck slip simply describes the doem of the insert, which is like a buck

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