What's the best Advertising Account Management Training Program out there?

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Our Advertising Account Management Training program will challenge the most talented and ambitious people, finding the intelligence, desire, and focus that will make them into business magnets who can develop an advertising campaign, present it to the client, and win tens of millions of dollars in annual account business, over and over again. We have the fastest, most intense Advertising Account Management Training program in the business! Does this interest you? You only need just enough self-confidence to get started.

Ours is a two year program, during which you will learn to conduct consumer research, work with art directors and copy writers to develop new ad programs, plan and buy media campaigns, make commercials, and help make client presentations. Those who survive this intense Advertising Account management training program will go on to make an exciting and rewarding career in the business, like most of our top execs.

You will be assigned to a senior account manager, and begin in our media department, where you will learn how to reach a specified target audience in the most efficient way possible. We'll teach you the fundamentals of media plan development, from estimating total target audience impressions, to scheduling seasonal highs and lows, obtaining minimum Reach and Frequency of impressions to the target audience, and getting the proper geographical dispersion.

You'll spend time in our research department, learning how to conduct focus groups and surveys. You'll learn how to read research results, to estimate standard deviation, and how to massage the data to get the answers you and your client need.

Then you'll work with our creative department, where you'll learn how to help art directors and copy writers to deliver a creative product that the client will love. You'll learn that a question is more powerful than a critique, that a compliment goes a long way to engender enthusiasm, and that creative people are creative because they are sensitive, and you must treat them with velvet gloves while keeping their focus on the communication goal. This will be the biggest challenge of your life, but once you discover your gift, you'll always be able to work collaboratively with creative teams.

While all this is going on, we'll introduce you to clients, and teach you how to provide client managers with the ideas they need to win over their management to your ad campaign, and gain share in the open marketplace. You will have a chance to stand up and present your own work, in sync with the research, creative or media people who helped you put the work together. It will be exhilarating.

After you have completed the training, you will be assigned as Account Executive reporting to an Account Supervisor, who will be there for advice and counsel. Working together, we expect you to increase the client's share of market, introduce new products, and help dominate the consumer market you are in. You won't achieve this yourself, but by inspiring your teams to do the best work of their careers. If you think you want to go for the gold, give us a call, and tap into the best Advertising Account Management Training Program in the business.

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