I'm the expert on my business, so why do I need to hire an advertising copy writer?

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So you've been in business for years. Some might say you are an expert in your field. And you know how to write, right? So why the heck do you need to hire an advertising copy writer to help you market your company?

Keep in mind that words are some of the most powerful marketing tools available. Using exactly the right words, in the right way, at the right time, can move people to action. It can change the course of history. It can even start a revolution. World leaders and leading corporations are well aware of this fact, and use it to their advantage.

For an advertising copy writer, the art of high-quality writing involves applying exactly the right words in just the right way. Words that target the heart much as they do the head. That's because, while every word in the dictionary carries a literal meaning (and sometimes several), most of them also carry a certain emotional weight and other implied meanings. That's why it's possible to deliver the same basic message in two different ways, one being far more persuasive than another.

As consumers, we aren't robots ruled by logic circuits. We tend to make buying decisions based on a number of factors, including how we feel about a particular brand or product. So, if your product is more or less comparable to your competitors' products, similar in quality, price and convenience, you won't be able to argue your way into your customer's heart. No, you will actually have to make your customer like you.

This calls for an understanding of the underlying psychological, sociological, and emotional factors that drive your customer's buying decisions. You have to know your customer, inside and out. A good advertising copy writer has spent years learning, dissecting and testing these factors. They write carefully-crafted messages that don't just appeal to logic, but are made to resonate with your customer's heart. Too many companies ignore this fact.

For another thing, after decades of being bombarded by sales messages, the buying public has become resistant to standard sales approaches. They have evolved. To be effective, your message must be written in the customer's own "cultural language." It must be friendly and personal, written as a message to one specific individual. A company that communicates as though broadcasting to a crowd through a bullhorn might have some limited success, but will never realize its full potential when it comes to total sales and growth.

From your websites, blog articles and email campaigns, to print and display ads, to print brochures, to scripts for TV and radio ads, the words you use represent your company. They power your successful marketing efforts. They make you appealing on an intellectual level, and on an emotional level, too.

There is no substitute for years of experience in this field. A good advertising copy writer has the ability to deliver the specific words that will help your company stand out in the marketplace and boost your sales performance. Over time, this professional has acquired and developed a toolkit full of proven marketing techniques. With the broad reach of media, this writer can be your company's top salesman. And how can you put a price on that?

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