How can I write better copy and increase response to my ads?

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Two GUARANTEED ways to get more response to your ads

Writing copy that unleashes an avalanche of hot prospects and customers eager to buy from you is no easy feat.

First, there’s the research.

There’s the endless pondering about what goes on inside your prospects mind and what you can say to get their attention.

After that, there’s hours of writing draft after draft as the recycle bin fills up with rejects.

If you stick with it, you can come up with a compelling theme that resonates with your target audience. You create enticing benefits that tantalize the senses. After brainstorming and writing 30 to 50 possible headlines, you pick the best. You close with finesse and get people to buy in droves.

With testing you discover something that makes you want to get up and dance…

You’ve got a winner!

You can send it out and make a return on your investment time and time again.

How can you write better copy so that it gets even more response?

There are two things you can do quite easily.

1.) Harness the power of conversation

The more your letter sounds like a face to face, one on one conversation, the better results you are likely to get.

A great exercise you can do before you even pick up your pen is take some time and simply think about your prospect. What are they thinking? How do they feel about your business, and the industry in general? What is it that wakes them up in the middle of the night?

If you can write copy that sounds like it was written just to one person and offer a solution to a painful problem, your response will increase.

2.) Use the word “Guarantee”

(Note: this may not be the best strategy for email. The word “guarantee” might land you in the SPAM folder. However, you’ll get spectacular results with it everywhere else.)

If you want to write better copy, then strategically sprinkling the word "guaranteed" will almost always increase response.

It's a proven hot button.

Prospects are skeptical, and understandably so, with the wild hype and horror stories they read online every day.

Look at the following two headlines. Which one sounds more convincing to you?

“Improve your piano playing in just 6 weeks”


“Improve your piano playing in just 6 weeks. GUARANTEED”

That’s a simple example but you get the idea.

The word “Guaranteed” has a nice ring to it. It captures attention, and it’s comforting for customers to know that you stand behind your products.

The stronger your guarantee, the more likely you’ll get a huge response to your ad.

Take a look for yourself:

“Satisfaction GUARANTEED or your money back.”

“Satisfaction GUARANTEED or DOUBLE your money back!”

The second example is much stronger isn’t it? You really have to believe your product is going to work to make such a promise.

Some business owners worry that people will take advantage of them if they offer a strong guarantee. Fair enough, but years of testing shows that it doesn’t happen very often. The greater response from honest prospects comforted by your hefty guarantee typically outweighs the cost of being had by the unscrupulous few.

Your homework now that you’ve read this article is to find all the places where you can legally, ethically and feasibly add the word “Guaranteed” to your promotions.

This simple exercise will make you more money in your business - Guaranteed!

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